Our history

50 years of expertise and growth

O.M.D. was founded in 1969 in Modena, in an industrial district strongly focused on mechanical engineering. The enterprise was initially started as an individual company, operative in lathing machine parts on behalf of third parties.


Production increased soon afterwards and the company started investing in new personnel and new machineries, in order to also directly provide to its customers milling and boring services, along with the other main accessory manufacturings.

At this stage O.M.D. was mainly focused in industrial mechanical equipment and in the production of sizeable volumes of parts for electromedical equipment.


1984 represents a turning point as the company acquires its first CNC sliding headstock automatic lathe along with new hobbing machines for small gears, taking a substantial qualitative leap in its production capacity.

O.M.D.  now starts supplying leading national companies in the motorcycle, oleodynamic, electromechanical and doors and windows automation industries.


As a consequence of the continuous growth of orders and production capacity, in 1999 O.M.D. evolves into a limited company by the name of O.M.D. S.r.l.

In the following years, ever higher quality standards for the products and the manufacturing process become always more compelling, so musch so that since 2007 O.M.D. is assigned by FAKT the certification DIN EN ISO 9001.


To date O.M.D. can count on thirty skilled employees, fourteen CNC sliding headstock automatic lathes, two automatic lathes, two hobbing machines, two honing and a full array of additional machinery. The company sets itself the objetcive of a constant growth in its productivity, expertise and qualification.