Expertise and innovation for turning processes at their highest standard

O.M.D. has been a specialist in turning processes for fifty years. The experience gained and a constantly updated machinery underlie our manufacturing and our services, whose quality standards are always granted during all of the production processes.


To date the company can count on fourteen Star sliding headstock lathes, allowing bar passages from da Ø3 a Ø32, and two Mazak lathes with bar passage up to Ø65:



  • 8 STAR SR20-R lathes, bar passage Ø20 mm
  • 2 STAR SR32-J lathes, bar passage Ø32 mm
  • 1 STAR SV-32J lathe. bar passage Ø32 mm
  • 1 STAR SR-16 lathe, bar passage Ø16 mm
  • 2 STAR SB-20R lathe, bar passage Ø20 mm
  • 1 MAZAK SQT 100 lathe, bar passage Ø50 mm
  • 1 MAZAK NEXUS 200-II MSY lathe, bar passage Ø65 mm

Our sliding headstock lathes, featuring back spindles and both linear and rotary authomatic cut, make it possible to completely process parts without any additional handlings, that might cause flaws and damages. The control on turning processes we’re able to put in place allows us to guarantee always the highest quality and compliance for every order.